Saturday, December 28, 2013

it's nothing... :-)

sitting alone..
listening to 'no one'..
suddenly feel like wanna write..


final exam is just around da corner..
tp aku mcm tak risau pon..
study pon kurang..

there's somethings keep playing in my mind...
neither about the final exam..
nor about palapes training..

it's about my lil' bro..
just accident last Tuesday..
and got a broken leg for that..
pity him..

enuff for that story..
let's talk about other thing..

have u ever crush on ur best fren?
or crushed on ur fren's best fren?
or to ur fren's girlfren?? (don't even think about it)

ape korg rasa kalau someone yg korg da aim lama,,
suddenly ur bestfren ckp dia syok kt 'someone' tu...
or not even syok kt dia,,but already owned!!
it's like,,,ha???what??!!

get shocked rite??
it will happen to u..
if u r too naive,,mybe...
if u r too slow to approached,,mybe...
if u r too shy to approached,,mybe...
if u r too naughty to suit with,,mybe...
if u r thinking too much,,mybe

it filled with a lot of mybe,,
does it??

let it be hundreds of mybe,,
thousands reasons,,
it is OK.. :-)

“Sometimes love means letting go when you want to hold on tighter.” ―Melissa Marr

"loving someone means that you want them to be happy and fulfilled - whether they are with you, alone, or with someone else"

ok,,enuff for this entry...

wishing u ALL the best of luck..
for ur final exam,,
and for ur love,, :-)


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